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First the understatement of the day: bloggers and their efforts are an indispensable part of the SL economy and just as creating can have bleak moments of seeming a thankless task, so does blogging.

This is why The Retreat will try something new to thank both our designers and bloggers.

Once or twice each round, depending on energy, time and opportunity, we'll produce a blog post dedicated to the blog posts that's been produced with items from The Retreat. We're hoping that will give something back to everyone involved while creating something of a look book.

To make this workable and not just another good intentions fallen by the way side, we need to apply some firm conditions:

* Only images added to The Retreats' flickr group will be considered.
Flickr group:

* Photos need to be linked either to a blog or have detailed credits in the description and must clearly credit a designer's item at The Retreat.

* One photo per post will be chosen and displayed in The Reatreat post together with link to source.

* Entries with items from past rounds, withing living memory, will be accepted.

* Regular bloggers will get a place in our blog roll.

We hope this initiative will bring some extra exposure to both bloggers and designers involved with The Retreat.

Lastly, if you like this idea, please spread the word! Thank you

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